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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The idea first came to my mind during a sabbatical period, when things were changing professionally for me and my husband. I had been working in academia, teaching, and researching since I graduated. The scenery changed, I had now my own family and barely had time to be with them. But it was not only about time, it was about changes.

I was looking for other directions in life, to fulfill my need of learning new things and traveling. I am glad that I did that because that is what brought me here today. What I realized, is that no matter the subject you are working on — and I am talking about science — takes about a year for your mind to understand that you don’t work in a specific project anymore. When the mind finally shifts the subject, it will never reach 360 degrees. Your brain will keep searching for solutions. These connections may become sparser with time, but they will never resign.

I also wanted to be out there, to see how other people live their lives, in special women. I became a volunteer for a non-profit organization and started giving talks and workshops, covering topics mainly in health and wellness, nutrition came on the way. The questions started to come and at some point, the aging process was not just a matter of how the redox system is activated, but which skincare would I suggest to them for the winter. The season was extremely dry and that is how I found my way, between beauty, nutrition and biochemistry.

Then I saw the transformation happening in real-time, and the best outcomes came when knowledge intersected with needs. When a woman is looking for a solution for a skin problem, for example, and she finds it, it is great. But if there is a change in her image, and she knows why this is powerful! Working with expatriates brought me another perspective and opened my eyes to two recurrent topics: breast cancer and autoimmune diseases. If centuries ago, a woman moved to another continent with a one-way ticket, now they not only have 2 ways tickets but are used to constant traveling, and they are not afraid to move abroad by themselves — like I did.

In the blog session I share information that has been published in specialized journals but sometimes is not covered by the media. Science is constantly evolving, our opinions may differ, but new data may change the way like you, and I think. If I observed that molecules changed interactions when I changed the environment, now I apply this same concept to life. My network change over time but now I have clients that I am working with for years.

I connect all the information acquired during these years on scientific research to recommend solutions for my clients, as I can see a much larger picture when they talk about their problem. I offer different services and you can contact me through the website. Your opinion is important, comments and suggestions are welcome. ~ Gladis Walter, PhD

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