Ethical Future

  1. Professional Conduct


I am Dr Gladis Walter, PhD.


I am Pharmacist and Clinical Biochemist, with Master in Sciences – Biochemistry and PhD in Pharmacology. I was professor of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry and worked with patients in two programs:  bariatric surgery and diabetes.


As biochemist and scientist, I studied diseases at molecular level: biomarkers, protein-protein interactions, protein structure, carbohydrates, cell aging. The areas of application were many: neurodegeneration, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious diseases.


I have postdoctoral by:

  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

  • University of Michigan – Life Sciences Institute and Medical School.


I am committed to ethic at its highest level, in my personal and professional life, and I bring to my clients the best knowledge, easy to understand and to be applied in their daily lives.


   2. Conflicts of interest

Before we start working, the client will receive a questionnaire and then we will evaluate if my services are compatible with the client expectations. If during the consulting period is there any conflict of interest, it will be disclosed to the client and sponsor (i.e., the entity paying for and/or arranging for consulting services).


   3. Professional conduct with clients

When you send the questions, you will receive a questionnaire by email. After that, we will evaluate if you are a good match to work with. Experience has shown that the best results are achieved when we can communicate easily and when the client is ready to make changes. You have the option to be part of a group or individually, in a one-on-one format.


   4.  Confidentiality and privacy

The information we will exchange during the period will be maintained under strict confidentiality.


  5.  Continuing development

I work with scientific information, published in scientific journals and I understand that science is constantly evolving. What you may know today can change in a brief period. Having worked in academia, designing, and conducting experiments, preparing classes, presenting in events, writing, and reading, reviewing publications for journals, made me see the world in a different way. The source of information must be the one you trust.

I am constantly reading, inquiring, and talking with other professionals, to bring quality to my clients, readers, for you.

For more information about my commitment to ethical practices please contact me.