Dr. Gladis Walter

Biochemist Scientist




With a focus on botanical and science and a career developed around Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Dr Gladis provides an educational guidance on health and beauty to empower the modern women. She is a mother, wife and entrepreneur, the founder of Dr. Gladis Walter Health & Wellness. Most of the inspiration on her journey comes from her contact with nature and spirituality. She is an avid reader, loves hiking and photography.

A career shift started on 2014, when she noticed a gap between the data that is produced in the academic world and what is reported in the media, in general. At that time, a friend invited her to participate on a Podcast about the document that the World Health Organization released on 2015, associating the consumption of meat with the cancer. The next was about the “Beginning of life"– does science has new data about when does it exactly starts?  

Her work with women started on 2016, after an incident while gardening. There was a need for a skincare moisturizer that was tolerated by the now ultra-sensitive skin. As she understands, “if there is a plant that wounds there is another plant that heals”. She became an independent consultant of the brand and works part time on training her team and consulting with clients. She has a personalized approach and has a know-how that allows her to explain the science behind the product.  

An advocate for women’s health, she gives talks on subjects like breast cancer, depression, skincare, inflammatory bowel diseases. Through her workshops she invites women to investigate their interior mirror, the connections with the genealogical tree and the space and time they live: now.